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For Applicants

What is Payscore?

Everyone deserves to be treated fairly. Perhaps nowhere is this more important than when applying to rent a home or making a major purchase. But for many of us, tracking down, copying, uploading, and submitting our pay stubs create unnecessary hassles that may lead to sharing inaccurate information and potentially unfair outcomes. Payscore tackles these shortcomings and ensures your automated income verification reports the most accurate information possible.

Payscore eliminates the 'paper chase' of tracking down, copying, and submitting old pay stubs for every applicant. This means eliminating the use of pay stubs. No more scrounging around, making copies, and submitting images.

Second, we ensure that all your hard work is credited. If you work in the service economy then the cash, or “tip” component of your income should count and it will, if you are depositing that income in your account.

If your income fluctuates with commissions, like a sales representative, then your last two pay stubs might wildly understate your earnings. If you work a side hustle, have a role in the ‘gig’ economy, or are self-employed, then we strive to ensure you are treated fairly by accurately illustrating all of your income.

We strive to make sure that you move into the best home possible or make that critical, life-enhancing purchase. And we make that as accurate and easy as possible with a few clicks on your phone or computer.

Why do you need my bank login?

To verify your income, we collect the data comprising deposits history directly from your bank. To do so, we need your permission and participation. You give us this permission by logging in to your bank through a secure channel provided by your bank. Rest assured, Payscore only routes, and never retains, your sensitive credentials. Your participation is what positions you to share the most complete picture of your total income.

It's very important that you login to your primary deposit account for us to assess your income. For example, logging into your credit account will show no income when using Payscore.

I don’t like offering personal information online. How secure is my financial data?

You’ll share less info outright by using our system than you would under the old-fashioned method of sharing pay stubs and bank statements. And we understand that sharing sensitive financial information may sound intimidating. That's why we don't store any of your sensitive data.

Specifically, our system was designed to maintain your privacy and security. Our online income verification utilizes 256‐bit encryption, the same used by your bank. Your username and passwords are never displayed, viewed, or stored. This is the safest, fastest, and most convenient way for you to submit your information for a potential property manager or lender to review and approve.

Okay, I logged into my bank account. What can you do with my account?

We have only the ability to read transaction info. We cannot login, make any charges, withdraw any money, make unauthorized transfers, or anything that would require your explicit permission. Once we are done collecting transaction history, we disconnect our ability to view your bank transaction data.We cannot login, make any charges, withdraw any money, make unauthorized transfers, or anything that would require your explicit permission. Once we are done collecting transaction history, we disconnect your bank account.

What information will be shared on my report?

After we calculate your income, you will have the opportunity to review and confirm your information before a report is produced. This information includes:

  • Account balances

  • Account holder name

  • Total recurring net income

  • Average recurring monthly net income

  • Total non-recurring net income

  • Average non-recurring monthly net income

  • Individual income streams, bothrecurring and non-recurring

  • Line item details for each deposit

If you would like to see a sample report, please click here

I’d rather scan/fax in my information.

Payscore ultimately results in you sharing less Personally Identifying Information (PII) than you would by uploading and sharing pay stubs or bank statements. Payscore’s automated income verification provides valuable advantages compared to pay stub-methods. Not only does it deliver enhanced privacy, security, convenience, and speed, but because of its accuracy and completeness, you may qualify much faster and for more favorable terms.

How do I know this is not a scam for my personal information?

Payscore partners with 99% of all financial institutions in North America. Accordingly, we are held to stringent security standards to meet policy requirements for those institutions. Our system is designed specifically to maintain and enhance your privacy and security, using 256‐bit encryption.

Will you see my password information?

Never. Your ID and password are never displayed or viewed. Only encrypted credentials are transferred to your financial institution. If your credentials are correct, we receive a “read‐only” copy of your transaction data, allowing us to deliver income reports to property managers and lenders in minutes, accelerating answers about your important decisions.

For Property Managers

What is Payscore?

Payscore delivers automated income verification that is immediate, accurate, and trusted. Property managers and lenders need to process their work rapidly and cannot afford to lose precious time manually collecting pay stubs, bank statements, tax returns, etc. They also need to make their decisions using accurate, verified information in a consistent and fair manner for every application. Only Payscore delivers a solution addressing all requirements. Requiring only three steps of collect, confirm and share, Payscore quickly establishes permission with the applicant, connects to 99% of the financial institutions serving the U.S. & Canada, and securely collects and calculates 100% bank-verified income. We gather and aggregate complex financial data and deliver it in a concise format that is consistent for every applicant.

Our income verification service replaces outdated methods such as faxing or emailing bank statements or pay stubs, searching for and uploading the same, or making time consuming calls or visits to your bank or employer. Payscore provides speed, privacy, security, accuracy, and convenience.

What does your income report look like?

Our income report provides a net income summary of an applicant,summarizing key metrics such as Annual Net Income and Monthly Net Income.To see a sample of our income report, click here

Does Payscore verify the applicant's gross or net income?

Payscore verifies the applicant's net income. Payscore analyzes the transaction data from an applicant's bank account, providing up-to-the-minute income data. The greatest value in relying on net income data is it reflects the applicant’s probable cash on hand in any given month, the funds from which they can meet potential future financial obligations. This approach reflects amounts following deductions for taxes, retirement contributions, health insurance, or other items. Read our blog post on "why net income is better than gross income for tenant screening"

Does Payscore integrate with other property management software?

Yes! Payscore provides a seamless user experience with many leading property management software applications, such as Appfolio, On-Site, Yardi, Rentec Direct, and Buildium. Our integrations allow you to originate and view automated income verification reports directly from within your favoriteproperty management software.

You can explore our integrations here

Do you perform credit checks?

No, we do not perform credit checks at this time.

How much income data is available in our income report?

Our income report provides up to one year of income data per applicant. Most banks allow a full year of income history, but some banks may restrict their shared financial data to shorter time periods. For more details about our income data availability, click here

For Property Management Software
and Tenant Screening Companies

Can I integrate your income verification into my product?

Yes! We provide an API to embed into any workflow oranywhere on your website. Once the applicant completes the income verification, we will delivertheir income summary to you through our API or email.

To learn more regarding adding automated income verification to your services, contact us

How long does it take to setup your income verification module?

We have purposefully built our automated income verification API to be set up in less than 5 minutes!Just copy-paste a code snippet to incorporate our income verification service into your development environment. Once set up, there will be additional work needed on your end to receive the income data or report. In most cases, we have partners integrated in a day or two.

To view our integration documentation, click here

How do I receive the income data?

When an applicant completes an income screening from your site, we will send your server a request signalingthat a new income summary is ready to be handed-off. From there, your server can communicate with our APIto fetch the income data for the corresponding applicant.

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