Streamline resident
screening while
reducing fraud

Professional property managers save hours on every
application and sidestep a major source of fraud

Spend 30-50% less time processing applications. That’s what our customers tell us

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Doubling Occupancy by Slashing Application Processing Time

When taking responsibility for a property with 42% occupancy, focus and automation are everything. When Mary Magness moved to this newly managed property...

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Beat fraud by pulling data directly from the source

With direct connections to 99% of institutions serving North America (over 20,000 banks), Payscore reports deposit history and eliminates the pay stub from your application process. Learn how easy it is to sidestep fraud

Beat fraud by pulling data directly from the source Graphics
Simplify compliance withFair Housing law and the FCRA

Simplify compliance with Fair Housing law and the FCRA

Treating your applicants equitably and accurately is tantamount to good business practice. So relying on Payscore for faster, easier access to better information for everyone involved only makes sense. And it is so easy to get started

When zero up-front cost and no licensing fees are coupled with massive efficiency gains (spend 30-50% less time processing applicants), the benefits are eye opening and the ROI impressive - you’ll fill vacancies faster and with more qualified tenants

  • Start sending invites to applicants in as few as 3-clicks, and you will receive 100%-bank verified deposit history in minutes. It is easy to access the best information to ensure fair, fully-informed decisions.

  • Your teams will move more quickly through formerly mundane tasks while knowing their approve/decline decisions are fair, accurate, and defensible. Once your team starts using Payscore’s automated income verification, they will focus on the high value actions that maintain both resident and property owner satisfaction.

By designing the easiest income verification solution available, our service works alongside or even within your existing property management software.

There’s no context switching or redesigning your business processes from our three modes of services engagement:

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Through our portal, request income verification reports immediately, or include a notification link in an email or your website

Send and process orders from within the top property management software solutions you are already using

2-day integrations with our API bring fingertip solutions to power users

Deliver the performance enhancing solutions your onsite teams deserve

Bring incredible efficiency gains to the decades-old and broken process of collecting paystubs. And, stop pretending your team is trained as cyber forensics experts. Instead, easily send an invite to automate income verification in just 3-clicks. When you receive verified income data in minutes, it keeps the application process moving while eliminating fraud

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Deliver the performance enhancing solutions your onsite teams deserve graphics

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