Use Bank Data
to Verify Income

With applicant approval, securely analyze income patterns from the applicant’s deposit for instant, accurate, and defensible approval cycles.

How Income Data
is Collected

Automated income verification from Payscore occurs over three simple steps: Collect, Confirm, and Share.

1. Collect

In order to collect income data, connect the bank accounts of your choice

The first step to verifying income in this 3-minute process is to connect your bank accounts to provide your deposits history. We partner with trusted third-party financial services to handle credentials, encryption, and security. Your sensitive login credentials are never seen by us.

Protecting your financial data

After data is collected to assemble your income report, your bank account is disconnected from our channel. Within 14 days, all of your sensitive income data will be completely removed from our servers.

2. Confirm

  • Once the data has been collected, you are provided the opportunity to thoroughly review your income data for accuracy prior to sharing a report.

  • If you have multiple bank accounts, you can include them in the report in order to make the strongest case to your decision maker. Finally, you can include an explanation to add context to the numbers.

  • You’ll have confidence knowing what info gets shared accurately represents your income history.

3. Share

  • You will see the data comprising your automated income verification report and will have an opportunity to download it before sharing it with others.

  • Sharing is a single click of the button. It’s the fastest, most accurate income verification you’ve ever seen.

Congratulations, and good luck!

Commitment to Security
and Privacy

We know that connecting your bank accounts can be an uncommon experience. That’s why we don’t store any of your credentials, and make sure that your income data is completely removed within 14 days.

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How our platform works

See 100% bank-verified income analysis immediately, with no upfront deployment costs. We offer 3 ways to leverage automated income verification based on your requirements and business objectives.