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Keep buyers in the showroom by automating
income verification at the point of sale.

Keep customers in the dealership

Leverage the passion-purchase opportunity by keeping your customers in the dealership instead of going back home for pay stubs.

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Conduct real-time borrower qualification by receiving income verification instantly.

Close more deals

Faster and more accurate verification means more sales. That’s real money in your pocket.

There are 2,514 car dealerships relying on
Payscore for Automated Income Verification.

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At Your Point of Sale

Automated income verification

Utilize automated income verification to verify your applicant’s income directly at the dealership. You’ll receive an income report by email or text within seconds.

We directly connect to your applicant’s bank account to analyze their deposit history and organize their data into a standardized income report. Better info. Faster.

Incorporate Income
Screening Into Your Workflow

Keep users in your digital experience

We can integrate our income verification into your dealership workflow, building trust, improving completion rates, and expediting approvals. Close more deals. Faster

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