Alliance 2020 Accelerates Income Verification using Payscore

Alliance 2020 enhanced their background checks for customers by adding automated income verification from Payscore to their portfolio of services. “Automating income verification enhances our core offering”, said Bradley J. Faulkes, co-founder and CEO of Alliance 2020. “Because Payscore integrates with our background screening platform (TazWorks), we are able to eliminate the paper chase and fraud potential that stems from collecting pay stubs from applicants, and without expensive deployment costs or retraining. Utilizing Payscore has also helped us improve our overall turnaround time.”

One of Alliance 2020’s customers, ICON Real Estate Services, was enthusiastic to deploy this automated income verification solution immediately. Until now, ICON relied on collecting pay stubs and other paper documents to verify the income of their applicants. Site teams were burdened with reminding applicants to submit sufficient income documentation, and then interpreting and analyzing it. This manual process cost hours of valuable staff time that is better invested in the management of their communities. Additionally, pay stubs present a potential source of fraud that leads to costly evictions. “I want my team focused on finding qualified residents and helping them move in quickly, said Jeremiah Roberson, President. “Receiving bank-verified proof of income instantly, without the risk of fraud, boosts productivity.”

Payscore automates the verification of applicant income through their online service. “We deliver major efficiency gains (nearly 30% for some customers) and greater confidence in the data reported,” said Mark Fiebig, CEO/Founder of Payscore. “The key metric for us is that 100% of the time, applicant income is legitimately verified, even when that income is cash-based, like tips, or fluctuates, like commissions.” While delivering independently bank-verified applicant income data, Payscore eliminates the wasted hours formerly allocated to manual income verification. Our customers stay focused on high value activities and because Payscore removes the burden of applicant support from the site team, ensures they have a seamless,user-friendly experience while verifying income. Payscore substantially improves efficiency and accuracy, meaning users receive better applicant data, faster and more easily.

Icon Real Estate Services

ICON was founded in 2016 by Jeremiah Roberson, a seasoned real estate professional with over 27 years of experience in the Seattle Metro market. ICON offers customized approaches that maximize the income potential of each of his clients’ investments.

Alliance 2020

Alliance 2020 was founded in 1987 by Brad and Kathy Faulkes, with a primary focus on tenant screening background checks. They later expanded into multiple business sectors focusing on products and services directly related to background screening. Today their suite of products includes employment screening, tenant screening, drug testing, fingerprinting, credentialing, and much more.


Payscore verifies the financial health of any applicant with its cloud-based, user-permissioned data directly from the applicant’s bank. Automated income reporting that’s engineered for accuracy, speed, and security, Payscore helps you find better tenants, faster.

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