Driving Delinquency towards Zero

Myrna Taylor managed over 300 units in Orlando, FL and she reports that, by using Payscore over an 18-month lease-up period, her community now experiences zero delinquency! Myrna wants to focus on managing her property, keeping occupants happy, or looking for prospective tenants, and now, due to Payscore, keeping units occupied as efficiently and effectively as possible is significantly easier. Qualifying prospects used to require a daunting tangle of tasks. She had to sift through piles of W2’s, tax return forms, bank statements, and pay stubs simply to determine which applicants were the best match for her property. “It was such a drain on my time,” said Myrna. “It used to require days of reminding applicants to send pay stubs and then hours to figure out if the documents were valid.” She and her team deserve a solution that eliminates the problems of verifying applicants, something that would reveal the truth about applicant income. They have found this solution in Payscore.

Safe for Applicants

While there was initially a concern that applicants might object to asking the bank to help tell their best financial story, those concerns proved unfounded. The onsite team hasn’t experienced any pushback and, according to Myrna, the Payscore solution is far less intrusive for applicants than sharing sensitive documents like pay stubs or tax returns.

Accurate Income Insight

Myrna and her team now leverage what she describes as a, ”Tool for success.” Payscore, the automated income verification solution, provided the clarity and efficiency she sought. “This is fantastic,” according to Myrna. “This used to take days and now we verify an applicant’s income in ten minutes.” She’s even happier that she no longer worries about trying to serve as a fraud detector. “We don’t have to use a document verification app anymore. When you go directly to the bank for records, you take the pay stub out of the mix and, voila, no more fraud!”

Easy Access to Clear Reports

“Overall, Payscore simply could not be easier. I look at the report, check the ID verification section, and we’re done. Ten minutes. Even better, we’re making much better decisions because we’re dealing in facts, even when groups are applying together.”

It only makes sense that on-site teams hunger for safe, accurate and easy solutions when it comes to their daily activities. Myrna now champions the use of Payscore, even insisting that it be treated as a mandatory part of every on-site team’s toolkit.

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