Congratulations to our partner, First Advantage for being recognized as the #1 screening solution for residential property managers

Payscore offers a well-deserved congratulations to the amazing team at First Advantage for their recognition as the best tenant screening service available. In an era where rental fraud is on the rise, property managers face an uphill battle to safeguard their communities and financial stability, and First Advantage, one of the early adopters of Payscore’s ‘Click-to-verify’ automated income verification solution, leads the charge. According to sources, 75% of property managers have witnessed an increase in rental fraud cases within the last 12 months. As organized groups exploit gaps in fraud protection, property managers must adopt effective strategies to combat this growing threat. Payscore is proud to partner with First Advantage to protect property managers and applicants from the explosion in fraud.

The Rising Tide of Rental Fraud

Fraudulent applications pose significant risks to property managers. These applications often involve fake or manipulated identities and misrepresented income. Such fraud can impact property managers' bottom line, reducing income or increasing expenses by at least 10%. Clearly, a robust solution is needed to tackle this challenge head-on.

Automated Income Verification: Payscore's Trusted Partner

Enter Payscore, the secret weapon for property managers. Payscore offers automated income verification, designed to slip seamlessly into your current applicant workflow. Here's why it stands out as a trusted partner in the fight against fraud:

  • Accurate Reports: Payscore provides 100% bank-verified income reports, ensuring property managers receive accurate and reliable information. Say goodbye to pay stub fraud and unreliable self-reported income.
  • Ease of Use: With Payscore, property managers can instantly assess an applicant's income, streamlining the review and approval process. No more manual calculations or time-consuming verifications.
  • Security First: Payscore's platform adheres to the highest security standards, using 256-bit encryption to protect applicant data. Property managers can confidently make defensible decisions while maintaining privacy.

Seamless Integration

Payscore seamlessly integrates with First Advantage, allowing property managers to leverage the combined advantages of both solutions without disrupting their workflow. With access to over 20,000 financial institutions, including pay cards and apps like Venmo and PayPal, Payscore makes income verification easy for applicants.


As rental fraud continues to rise, property managers need robust solutions. Payscore is automating income verification as a proud partner of First Advantage and our mutual customers. Together we not only prevent fraud but also enhance efficiency, accuracy, and compliance. By embracing our technologies, property managers stay competitive, attract reliable tenants, and boost their Net Operating Income (NOI). Learn how your property management peers are eliminating fraud at the source AND improving NOI by replacing pay stubs with 100% bank-verified analysis. See the truth about applicant income with Payscore.

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