Automating Income Verification Helps Property Managers Hurdle Their Top Challenges

Automating Income Verification Helps Property Managers Hurdle Their Top Challenges

Residential property management presents a wide range of challenges. You and your peers list your ‘Top 5’ below. The good news? Automating your income verification process with Payscore resolves these issues and frees up the time you need to handle them with the focus and professionalism you and your applicants deserve.

Evicting tenants

Prevent evictions before they happen. By surfacing and reporting long-term income history rather than forcing you to rely on two paystubs, bank statements, or a confusing array of tax documents, automated income verification from Payscore optimizes the match between applicant and property.

Reducing loss increases revenue

By certifying applicants have the capacity to pay rent, you achieve predictable revenue. And filling vacancies faster accelerates revenue recognition. Automating income verification eliminates disruptions, adding up to hours of wasted time and days of delay from every application you process.

Hiring and maintaining quality staff

The ‘walk up and use’ design of Payscore’s Automated income verification service ensures that your onsite teams have the resources their jobs demand. Keep it simple, keep income results fast and accurate by using Payscore.

Maintaining occupancy rates

Eliminating the paper chase of manually acquiring and reviewing paystubs or other generic income documentation means your team can spend their valuable time and intellect on higher value activities, like keeping maintaining residents satisfaction

Balancing the needs of residents and owners

All parties to a rental agreement deserve fair treatment. Using Payscore to automate income verification means potential tenants share their most accurate financial picture possible. You can be the hero by letting owners know decisions about candidate residents are made by relying on 100% bank-verified income data from Payscore. It’s a winning proposition for all parties involved.


Residential property management is a challenging but rewarding field requiring a range of skills and the ability to manage multiple competing priorities. Property managers must be creative, flexible, and proactive to succeed in their role and Payscore ensures they have the right tools and the time to deliver results.

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