New Earth Residential Transforms Property Management with Payscore

Unveiling Applicant Income Insights for Gig Workers

In the vibrant city of Las Vegas, residential property management poses unique challenges. With a transient population and a significant gig economy workforce, property owners and managers grapple with reliable resident screening. Enter Payscore—a revolutionary solution helping onsite property teams to make informed choices and safeguard their rental investments.

The Payscore Difference: The Truth about Applicant Income

At Payscore, we comprehend the intricacies of the rental market and the nuanced income patterns of renters. With nearly 40% of American workers having a side hustle, relying on pay stubs for rental decisions dramatically increases the risk of unfairly, errantly, and perhaps legally actionably, declining an applicant. Our mission? To uncover the truth about applicant income, especially for temporary or gig workers. Uniquely, Payscore delivers:

  • Accuracy: Payscore's cutting-edge algorithms meticulously analyze income data, leaving no room for deception
  • Simplicity: Unlike alternatives, Payscore focuses on the unique challenges faced by Las Vegas property managers. We tailor our approach to meet your specific needs, with easily customizable income criteria
  • Security: We raise the level of fairness and reduce the risk of erroneous decline all while protecting the private information of both the property manager and the applicant

Real-World Success Stories: New Earth Residential

Shannon Gammie, VP of Operations at New Earth Residential, experienced the power of Payscore firsthand. Referred by Kimberly Cameron, she turned to us to solve the income verification puzzle. "Residential property management in Las Vegas can be a rollercoaster,” said Shannon. “With so many temporary and gig workers, we needed a solution that could cut through the noise. Payscore delivered."

Payscore Helps Reduce Errors by Eliminating Paper

According to Shannon, Payscore delivers efficiency in three ways:

  1. Lease Integrity: Payscore helps identify applicants who falsify their incomes during the application process. Say goodbye to risky leases!
  2. Streamlined Process: Integration with ResMan simplifies the workflow. No more logging into separate systems—Payscore seamlessly fits into your existing setup.
  3. Time Savings: Forget manual paystub chases. Payscore evaluates income data swiftly, saving you precious time.

Value That Counts

Payscore's cost-effectiveness is unmatched. Expense savings matter, and owners recognize the value they receive. Whether you prefer per app or per unit flexibility, Payscore aligns with your decision-making priorities. In the dynamic world of residential property management, Payscore is your trusted ally. Unlock the truth, streamline processes, and make informed choices. Because when it comes to your investments, Payscore delivers.

Discover Payscore today and transform your rental property management experience. Click here to try for free.

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