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Since adopting the name Payscore earlier this year, the engineering team continues to deliver enhancements to the capabilities within our service. “Customers persistently offer great insight for product direction,” said Stephen Arifin, CTO and founder. “In just the last few months we adopted their wish list and delivered several new features.” Payscore’s new capabilities expand automated income verification in every dimension.


The newest feature, announced today, enables customers to immediately confirm whether a bank is within Payscore’s service coverage. Accessible within the current console, the new Bank Coverage Page showcases the financial institutions currently available to Payscore users. This collection is dynamic and will continue to grow as we identify missing institutions and add them to our list.


Duplicate Account Detection

When families or groups apply to rent a property, individuals generally complete their applications independently. However, a common misstep might have each party entering a shared bank account individually. Payscore draws data from multiple providers, one of the reasons for its industry-leading completion rate and collects account information in a variety of formats. These different storage schemas historically make duplicates difficult to detect. By adding additional intelligence to its analytics engine, Payscore now detects and prevents the inclusion of duplicate accounts. As a result, on-site teams are processing all their applications with greater clarity, confidence, and speed.

Bank Account Detection

One of the fastest growing income demographics in the US are individuals who are self-employed, either as their sole source of income, or to include side hustles. This makes manual processing of applications challenging because documentation such as pay stubs are sparse or even unobtainable. Some automated systems can generate falsely inflated income levels by, in essence, double counting by adding the revenue in a business account with the income in a personal account. Payscore ensures the accuracy of every applicant’s income history by properly identifying the different classes of accounts, whether personal or business. Property management companies have different policies and practices for evaluating business accounts, so how these funds are assessed and reported can be configured by our customers individually, in order to best suit their business requirements.


Rich information clearly displayed simplifies the process of reviewing multiple verifications. Payscore’s Analytics Dashboard displays the progress and status of verifications with a few clicks, also within the existing console. The Payscore Analytics Dashboard displays answers to commonly asked questions about the volume of income requests, the outcome of those requests, and explanations for and illustrations of those results. Customers now see key performance indicators for the reports they request as well as observe how those KPIs trend over time.


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