Payscore Delivers Embedded Identity Verification

Increases the confidence of every leasing decision

In the world of property management, the verification of applicant information is a cornerstone of trust and security. Payscore, a leader in automated income verification, has recently taken a significant leap forward by integrating ID verification into its suite of services. This blog post delves into the impact of this advancement and how it's setting new standards in the industry.

Automated Identity Verification:

Elevating Accuracy and Efficiency for Onsite Property Management Teams

The introduction of embedded ID verification from Payscore is a transformative enhancement. Automating the investigation of assessing over 50 ID attributes from over 10,000 government document types delivers accurate decisions faster for onsite property managers operating communities of all sizes.

A Trusted Leader in the Industry

The recent milestone of analyzing over 10 million income deposits underscores Payscore's position as the trusted leader in the industry. The company's uniquely accurate solution delivers successful reports 98% of the time, offering clarity, accuracy, and immediacy that property managers and lenders can depend on. The addition of applicant ID verification refines that commitment to accuracy and clarity for customers.

Connecting with Confidence

Payscore's platform is in network with over 20,000 financial institutions, connecting to 99% of banking institutions in North America. The ease of use for applicants, who rate the process 4.5 out of 5 stars, combined with a focus on security using 256-bit encryption, positions Payscore as the go-to solution for automated income verification. Now, with assessing over 50 ID attributes from over 10,000 government document types spanning over 200 countries, Payscore extends that lead into ID verification today.


Payscore's integration of ID verification is a significant stride in automated income verification. It exemplifies the company's commitment to security, privacy, and efficiency, revolutionizing the process for property managers and lenders across North America. For those looking to streamline their verification processes with a trusted partner, Payscore's new feature is a clear choice.

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