Payscore Now Verifies Account Ownership

Payscore continues its successful battle against fraudulent pay stubs submitted by applicants. Our automated income verification report now includes the verified account holder name of the connected bank account or prepaid card. Because this data is obtained directly from the institution when available, the account holder name is 100% verified.

You can find this data under the Account Balances Summary, and listed as the Account Holder column:

If the account holder data matches the applicant’s name, the applicant owns the account. If not, we recommend following up with the applicant to discuss and confirm account holder status.

Our goal at Payscore remains delivering the most useful and most accurate information available regarding applicant income.

Please keep in mind, not every institution releases this information and so it will appear in those reports where institutions are compliant. If you have any questions about our account ownership verification, feel free to reach out to our support team through chat, or by emailing

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