Security for Property Management: The Role of Automated Income Verification

In the face of escalating cybercrime, residential property management teams are increasingly vulnerable to data breaches and financial fraud. With cybercrime costs projected to reach $13.82 trillion by 2028, the real estate sector must adopt stringent cybersecurity measures to safeguard sensitive resident information.

Automated Income Verification: A Shield Against Cyber Threats

Take a pivotal step to enhance cybersecurity by automating income verification using Payscore. These services streamline the income verification process, reducing the risk of human error and the exposure of sensitive financial data to potential cyber threats. Advance accuracy of understanding by leveraging the best available tools to squelch risk exposure.

Payscore: Protecting the Assets and the Applicants

Payscore’s robust solution connects with 99% of all financial institutions in North America, ensuring secure access to the income data you need to make well informed decisions, while minimizing exposure to sensitive data that could otherwise bring liability risk exposure. . By automating income verification, Payscore minimizes the need for manual handling of financial documents, thereby reducing the risk of data leaks and fraud.

The Benefits of Payscore for Property Management Teams

  • Accurate: Delivers 100% bank-verified income, providing clarity and immediacy in decision-making.
  • Easy: ‘Click-to-verify simplicity accelerates leasing decisions by instantly evaluating applicant income.
  • Secure: Employs 256-bit encryption to protect data sharing, ensuring applicant data remains safe and secure.
  • Compliance: Promotes adherence to fair housing and lending requirements, making decisions equitable and defensible.


As cybercrime continues to pose a significant threat to commerce at large, it’s imperative for operators of rental housing to embrace innovative solutions like Payscore. Reduce risk, expedite analysis, make smarter decisions. By automating income verification using Payscore, your new cybersecurity strategy means property managers will protect their assets and maintain the trust of their future residents. Click here to learn how the truth about applicant income accelerates your leasing decisions.

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