Vidalta Reduced the risk of fraud and improved leasing decisions with Payscore

The Challenge

Before Payscore, Vidalta faced challenges assessing leasing applications that could be fraudulent. Johnny De La Espriella, VP of Operations, needed a solution for his onsite team that was easy to deploy while improving their ability to make fully informed leasing decisions.

The Solution

Deploying Payscore was a seamless process, integrating smoothly with the property management system (OneSite) through a simple browser extension. This shift has brought a wave of relief and satisfaction to the onsite team, who now find the system easier to use and have more confidence in the accuracy of their new, data-driven decision making. Prospects have echoed this sentiment, appreciating the streamlined application process.

The Outcome

The choice to use Payscore was clear. With its ability to connect to roughly 99% of financial institutions in North America, unlike alternatives, which only connect to roughly half as many banks, Payscore offered a more comprehensive solution.

Looking Forward

Vidalta is now on the path to simplifying its income verification process, making it not only more accurate but also more streamlined. The result? An absolute improvement in decision-making, powered by the additional, accurate information provided by Payscore.

At Vidalta, Johnny’s experience over the past few months has been nothing short of a success story. The transition to Payscore’s automated income verification system has marked a significant improvement over the traditional, manual methods that were prone to errors and fraud. Vidalta’s journey with Payscore underscores the transformative power of automating income verification, setting a new standard for efficiency and accuracy in the property management industry.

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